Embrace “Trite Fright” in Your Social Media Profiles

What does “trite fright” mean? It’s just a goofy little rhyme for you to remember that you don’t want your profile to look, sound, and feel like all of the other profiles.
terror by pagedooley on flickr
For the past few years, LinkedIn has shared a top ten list of the most common words, “buzzwords”, to avoid. Why should you avoid them? Because they’re fluff; they don’t reveal anything about you. So, the next time you feel tempted to type that you’re “creative”, be very afraid because you’re about to sound like anything but creative.

What should you do? Show & Tell. Show us, let us know how much creativity is within you by illustrating your creative experiences. Tell us stories (we LOVE stories!) that will make you memorable. A quick example for you: Instead of saying that I was “responsible for Web site development” in my profile summary, I might say “After hand coding Web sites for over a decade, I found and fell in love with what was still a relatively new tool called ‘WordPress’. From that moment about a dozen years ago forward, I’ve had the ability to quickly build robust sites like https://brothertonyo.com/ that can easily change appearance similar to the way you put on a new outfit every morning. Plus, I can add new features like blogs and shopping carts (or remove them) about as quickly as you can accessorize your outfit.”

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet or if you do but your page hasn’t been optimally set up, use my contact form to ask for my help. For right now, consider the following lists of trite words (and phrases) that ought to stir up the fright in you:
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