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Hi! This is Tony Osborne aka Brother Tony O, THE Christian Internet Marketing Consultant and I’m thrilled to have you as my guest!
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— If you’re ready to profit, in Jesus name, get information about that by beginning the application process for my consulting program. It’s designed for Christian professionals and business operators who want to make money online. If you don’t think of yourself as a business operator, apply anyway because I’m going to show you that you are, in fact, a businessperson if you’ve ever paid or been paid money for anything. Just leave a comment for me below, and I’ll email you the application instructions.
Note: I review every contact with my own eyeballs so you may hear from me in minutes or it might take a day or two. Patience, my friend… patience. Space in my program is limited. So, the sooner you initiate the process the better.

My priority is to serve my Lord… and, in practical terms, that means serving my neighbors. It means being genuinely engrossed in helping you to prosper physically, mentally, spiritually, financially…

As I share my activities and interests here, you’ll get a clear understanding of how I strive to have my mind and character transformed into ones that accurately project Christ’s.
Brother Tony O smiling
Beyond that, I’m very competitive and love all kinds of sports — particularly the mental aspect. For that reason, I love to coach basketball. I have many interests and, as you look around, you’ll see what I mean… and don’t forget to check out my store!

To Your Health, Wealth, and For His Glory!
Brother Tony O
A (doúlos) of God and a friend to humans. Ο φόβος του Θεού και τηρούν τις εντολές Του

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