Whose Will Do YOU Do?

Not My Will, but Thine, be done. Luke 22:42

There is nothing in this world, in this universe, that God will ever ask us to do that can come close to what awaited Jesus when He uttered these words. The betrayal, the beatings, the rejection by popular vote of His people, the separation from His Father… all part of an event too obscene for words to even come close to adequately capturing for our mental reconstruction.

Knowing this, that He was facing the greatest test ever, Jesus asked for a way out. David vs Goliath, the Israelites vs Pharaoh’s Army, the three Hebrews vs Nebuchadnezzar… no other situation can touch what Jesus was facing; and He gave us a wonderful gift in His example of submission.

We’re in what appears to be an unprecedented age of worship of self. At every turn, there are appeals to ‘my will’. The Internet, in particular, has grown up into a sophisticated marketing platform that literally studies us so that the offers we receive to buy stuff are tailored to what appeals most to ‘my will’.

If there ever was an age that promoted self-interest as much as our world does, today, Noah and his family were the only ones who survived it.

Much of the problems that Christians face are the result of focusing on ‘what do I want’. When we satisfy the will of our own hearts, we aren’t sinning against ourselves and others as much as we’re sinning against God. Look at the declaration of Joseph, when he had opportunity to have his way with his master’s wife: “how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”

For the Christian, the answer to “whose will do you do?” is binary. Either your focus is on doing God’s Will or it’s not. His sheep serve Him. The goats (that is, everyone else) serve themselves, or money, or other people, or their government, or… We all have many ‘hats’, many roles and responsibilities. My plea with you, here, is: whatever role you happen to be filling at any given time, do your best work and let it be known that you perform excellently simply because it’s what God expects of you.

Do you have other Biblical examples to add? Share them in the comment section. Do you disagree with something I wrote? Please do me the favor of telling me all about it.

To Your Health and For His Glory!
Brother Tony O
THE Christian Internet Marketing Consultant

“The World Would Love His Own”

Jesus told us that the world will hate us...
Jesus told us that the world will hate us…

Now, what do you suppose it was that spurred this attack? Do you think I was bashing this ‘author’ over the head with pronouncements that he’d better repent? Was I picketing the funeral of his loved one who happened to be a sinner (like the rest of humanity)? Did I put up a replica of The Ten Commandments or a nativity scene where he would have to look at it? Did I threaten to remove his head for his stubborn refusal to bow before His Creator?

I could go on with these questions seemingly forever. While I do feel sorry for the person who typed that message, I wonder what has gone on in his life to poison his soul so. I didn’t reply because I saw that he was so settled in his thinking that reaching out to him would have potentially made him dangerous. Perhaps it was his alcoholism speaking. Who knows?

The ‘spark’ that (I imagine) connected with the fumes from his drink was an appeal to generosity. Huh? What? You ‘heard’ me correctly — GENEROSITY! We live in a selfish society. I am SO glad that Jesus freed me from that way of thinking. Below, I’m reproducing the exact message I sent out. His reaction, though unexpected, gives me a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling all over because of what Jesus said about hate. If sharing Biblical principles makes me a target for the hate of worldly folk, I have been paid the highest honor they can give!

From: Brother Tony O
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2015 10:46 AM
Subject: A Personal Appeal to Start a Conversation

Good morning,

I pray that all is well with you and yours.

I’ve developed a unique, Bible-based approach to business and I invite you to discuss it with me. The core is to be Rich Toward God (from the lesson of the rich fool in Luke 12). Whatever I earn that’s beyond my personal operational budget is to be invested in others.

I’d like to know what you think about the topic. Consider joining the ‘Rich Toward GOD’ LinkedIn group: http://bit.ly/b_RichTowardGOD

Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this message.

To Your Health and For His Glory!
Brother Tony O
THE Christian Internet Marketing Consultant

Black Lives Really Don’t Matter… To Black People!

The latest incident to captivate the media is the Charleston Massacre and, once again, the immediate reaction is calls for action that have nothing to do with the real source of the evil.

This morning, I listened to demands that South Carolina take down the Confederate flag. Decades ago, when I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, he used to preach about “symbolism over substance” and this certainly qualifies. The presence of the flag, I would argue, should be encouraged. Why? Because it serves as a reminder and, as we all have heard, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Further, on the flag issue, what do these people think the Stars and Stripes represent? Was this not the flag that has flown over slavery since the flag’s creation? Let’s forget about flags and discuss the real core issue: Black Lives Don’t Matter… Not Even to Blacks!

Black Lives Really Don't Matter - Not Even to Blacks! #TheRealIssue #BTO15 Click To Tweet

Does this shock you? It shouldn’t. If it does then you haven’t been paying attention to the increase in shootings taking place in America’s cities. I’m not talking about police shootings. I’m talking about blacks attacking other blacks. (Some attribute the increase to the fact that police, responding to protests aimed at them, have backed off and allowed criminals to roam more freely.)

This fact is not new. It’s raised often — as an offensive attack in debates with left-wing activists who want to blame others for oppressing them rather than take on the much bigger challenge of addressing those things they have the power to improve.

I had started to watch a Web site that reported the shootings in Baltimore — including the race & gender of shooter and victim — but, after a few days, it was clear that there really wasn’t much point to it. About 90% of the crimes were committed by African-American males.

I don’t believe this is ‘normal’. I also don’t believe the situation will get any better until those with some influence in the most effected neighborhoods decide that enough blood has been shed. In other words, black lives need to start mattering to black community leaders.

To Your Health and For His Glory,
Brother Tony O
THE Christian Internet Marketing Consultant