The Gospel and the Statue of Liberty

Long ago, seemingly in… no, not seemingly… IN another age (before everyone walked about with a connection to the whole world in their pocket; before we had a World-Wide Web; before 95% of the nation knew who Bill & Hillary were…), I used to hear a song regularly on a local Christian radio station. The song was about the Statue of Liberty.

I was young then and didn’t focus too much on learning all the words. I just knew it was a beautiful, patriotic song — like “God Bless America” is. What stuck in my mind was the opening line about New York Harbor and the phrase “and all who see her”. Every now and then, an old memory is triggered in my mind; usually this involves some scent or some song. Today, the memory was of these two snippets from a song and I did the obvious: I looked to see if it was available on Youtube.

I posted the result of my search below. My brief research revealed that the song’s full title is “The Cross is My Statue of Liberty” and it’s by Neal Enloe of The Couriers.

I posted the different performances below in the order that I found them. When I looked at the Youtube notes below the first video, I saw that the one who posted it was considerate enough to include the lyrics and his personal thoughts on the song.

As I read the lyrics, I was reminded of The Star-Spangled Banner. By that, I’m referring to the fact that most of us only think about the first verse of our national anthem. I never paid any attention to what was being said in the second verse “The Cross is My Statue of Liberty”. Now I’m aware: the first verse speaks to how fortunate we are to live in the USA; the second speaks to how blessed we are to be counted among those of God’s Kingdom.