“The World Would Love His Own”

Jesus told us that the world will hate us...
Jesus told us that the world will hate us…

Now, what do you suppose it was that spurred this attack? Do you think I was bashing this ‘author’ over the head with pronouncements that he’d better repent? Was I picketing the funeral of his loved one who happened to be a sinner (like the rest of humanity)? Did I put up a replica of The Ten Commandments or a nativity scene where he would have to look at it? Did I threaten to remove his head for his stubborn refusal to bow before His Creator?

I could go on with these questions seemingly forever. While I do feel sorry for the person who typed that message, I wonder what has gone on in his life to poison his soul so. I didn’t reply because I saw that he was so settled in his thinking that reaching out to him would have potentially made him dangerous. Perhaps it was his alcoholism speaking. Who knows?

The ‘spark’ that (I imagine) connected with the fumes from his drink was an appeal to generosity. Huh? What? You ‘heard’ me correctly — GENEROSITY! We live in a selfish society. I am SO glad that Jesus freed me from that way of thinking. Below, I’m reproducing the exact message I sent out. His reaction, though unexpected, gives me a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling all over because of what Jesus said about hate. If sharing Biblical principles makes me a target for the hate of worldly folk, I have been paid the highest honor they can give!

From: Brother Tony O
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2015 10:46 AM
Subject: A Personal Appeal to Start a Conversation

Good morning,

I pray that all is well with you and yours.

I’ve developed a unique, Bible-based approach to business and I invite you to discuss it with me. The core is to be Rich Toward God (from the lesson of the rich fool in Luke 12). Whatever I earn that’s beyond my personal operational budget is to be invested in others.

I’d like to know what you think about the topic. Consider joining the ‘Rich Toward GOD’ LinkedIn group: http://bit.ly/b_RichTowardGOD

Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this message.

To Your Health and For His Glory!
Brother Tony O
THE Christian Internet Marketing Consultant

Have You Found Your Purpose?

It’s my belief that one must have a goal before intelligent action can be undertaken but it’s even more important to have a firm reason why. I’ve believed this since I was in the fourth grade. Most of us are living out our lives in ways often described as “a rat race”, “a rut”, or merely “going with the flow” that require conformity not intelligence.

What happened to cause me to question the path that all Americans are expected to take? You know, go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job, be a loyal employee for at least four decades, retire (hoping you have enough money saved to live comfortably), and then die…

What happened to make me ask, at that early stage of life, the question so many ask at some point — “is this all there is… is there nothing more?”

Boredom happened.

I was able to grasp the material being taught in class the first time it was presented. Unfortunately, for me, most of class time was spent doing all that could be done to help the slowest learner catch up. I spent 90% (or more) of class time revving my mental engine, eagerly waiting for some new data to devour. Having all of that free time allowed me to critique the process and I never stopped.

I’ve found that a lack of direction is a problem but a lack of purpose is an even bigger problem. Leading a horse to water (direction/a specific goal/the “what”) is the element that most of our energy is expended on. But, we can’t make it drink because the horse hasn’t been convinced that he ought to do so. It is my contention that one has an obligation to fulfill one’s purpose and that can’t be done if one’s purpose remains unidentified. Most of us never identify it because we’re not looking… or should I say, we’ve stopped looking.

Children tend to go through an annoying “why” phase. This search for meaning, the inquisitive nature, seems to fade rather quickly. I’m guessing that it happens not long after the indoctrination begins in our schools.

Do you agree that fewer people fail because of a lack of focus on a specific goal than fail because of a lack of understanding the reason why they’re pursuing said goal?

Why have New Year’s resolutions like “I’m going to lose weight” become a running joke? Again, I say the lack of “stickiness” is due to the absence in the heart of a solid, cornerstone purpose.

Doing anything just because it’s expected of you or it sounds like a good idea is not a foundation for excellence. If you haven’t figured out your purpose, what are you waiting for? Your community, beginning in your home, is waiting for you to get on with it!

To emphasize the need for identifying one’s purpose, I created my real-world newsletter, B: on Purpose!. The first issue will be hitting mailboxes across the land very soon.