Building “Credit” on LinkedIn: Connect Your First Level Connections


Your first level connections on LinkedIn are often not connected. You can introduce them.


By reviewing your first level connections carefully, you can uncover common interests and complimentary skills… in other words, you can identify people who might benefit from knowing each other. If new friendships are created among your close contacts, your bond with them will be strengthened.

More than that, you’re influence among those closest to you will increase as being helpful naturally triggers reciprocity.


Contact both parties and let them know you want to introduce each to another close contact of yours. When they both reply positively, choose which one will receive the introduction and go to the profile of the other contact and…

  1. Select the “Share Profile” option from the down arrow next to the buttons in the header box.
  2. Enter both recipients’ names in the top box of the compose message page,
  3. Modify the message to explain how they could benefit from knowing each other, and
  4. Click “Send Message”.

The message will go to both and include contact information so the two members can connect to one another.

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