Hello world!

Welcome to my site, friends. Here, you will find updates on a wide range of subjects because
1) I embrace everything that interests me and
2) lots of stuff interests me!

If you find that we have any passions in common, go ahead and send me a message to share your thoughts — I’d love to hear from you and get your perspective… and if any of my interests turn you off, pretend you didn’t see it on my list. 😉

A brief rundown of “some” of my interests…

  1. God/Christianity/The Holy Bible/Wisdom
  2. Family
  3. Health
  4. Business/Money/Marketing
  5. Computers/Hi-Tech Stuff (yes, I’m kinda geeky)
  6. Competition/Sports/Games/Puzzles
  7. People (I’m curious about what individuals do… and why)
  8. Communication (be it in the “real” world or through electronic media)

I could go on for quite some time but there’s no need. As I build up this site, my interests will be clear—particularly from the names I choose for my categories.

From the summer of ’13 to the summer of ’14, I basically shut down all of my production to study Internet marketing. For the two decades prior, Web site development was my thing. I used to go to “war” with HTML, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, CSS and other coding skills in my arsenal. Then, about a decade ago, I stumbled upon WordPress. Development with WordPress has been my main focus ever since. But…

…there is an ever-present problem. There are millions of sites competing for eyeballs. What to do… what to do. I decided that it was necessary to set aside site construction and invest in qualified traffic and conversion rate education. The results of my study are about to be seen as I put my understanding into practice.

You should connect with me and observe my growth. I have established outposts all over the Internet: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Google+, YouTube, and SoundCloud.